Find risk in your
projects, fast.

Contracts, specs and drawing notes contain obligations that are easy to miss but expensive to deal with. We find risks that cost you money and bring them to your attention.

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Find Risk Quickly

Upload your construction documents and see your risks.

Risk Review

Find risks in your documents, mitigate and track them.


Empower all team members to understand the project quickly.

Custom Lists

Build your own lists of risks and find the things you care about.

Massive Time Savings

When customers receive supplementary conditions to their documents, Provision will redline them against the original version and explain the differences.This empowers teams to save time on a manual and arduous process to understand risk and accelerates risk review.

Peace of Mind

From the moment your team receives project documents, Provision will show you all the issues that could affect your profit.

Instant Information Retrieval

Ask a question, get an answer.

Ask Provision a question and get an accurate, source supported answer. Since Provision helps you understand your contractual information, we can help you even if you don't know what to ask. Find information across drawings notes, specifications and contracts, regardless of whether they are locked or scanned.

Unlock productivity across your preconstruction team.

An Educated Workforce

Review your project documents as a team. Suggest comments, revisions and assign tasks amongst your project team. Provision allows you collaborate on the same set of documents and discuss provisions in a single place, even if the documents change. Finally, Provision enables teams to output their comments in a fully formatted comment table.

SOC II Compliant + Data Secure

Provision is firmly committed to providing our clients with the highest security and privacy assurances. We remain dedicated to being SOC II compliant, along with all relevant privacy laws. Refer to our Security One-Pager for more information.

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Is there customer support available?

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Empower your teams to identify and mitigate contractual risk

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