Risk and Requirements Management for Constructors.

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In my role as both an Estimator and Project Manager, Provision has seamlessly integrated into my daily routine, becoming an indispensable asset. It has spared countless hours spent sifting through specifications and has played a crucial role in reducing risk across the entirety of the construction process.

Jeff Irwin
Senior Estimator at M. Sullivan and Sons

It's like ChatGPT with Control+F on steroids for your most important documents.

Nick Mucci
CEO of Mavcor

Filter out bad projects instantly

From go/no go to contract review, Provision will show you exactly where your contract documents can cost you money.

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Project Co-Pilot

Reading documents isn't everyone's favorite task, but in construction, it's crucial. This is where the risk resides.

Provision serves as your project co-pilot, letting you navigate past the irrelevant sections and focus on what truly matters.

Use project co-pilot to understand your project documents, to summarize parts or to test your understanding.

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Instant Risk Identification

Risk looks like: missing a qualification for a subcontractor, or missing a restriction on working hours.

With Provision, we'll identify these potential issues in your documents so that you can ensure that nothing is missed before your bid goes in.

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Here's what we provide:

Contract Review

Standardize your review process by identifying risks quickly and get peace of mind.

Specification Review

Quickly find information that will give you a competitive edge, and information that may hurt you in operations.

Supplementary Conditions

Reconciling supplementary conditions is a time consuming process. With Provision, we automate this process.

And here's who it's for.

Pre-Construction Teams
Sift out projects that are a bad fit, quickly
Immediately find key risks, legal concepts and communicate them to your team
Surface mission critical information before bid submission
Legal Teams
Template your risk review process across all projects
Dive deep into lengthy and complicated deals
Reconcile supplemental conditions automatically

Data Integrity and Security you can trust.

SOC2 Certified

The gold standard certification for ensuring that your data is protected both in transit and at rest.

High Accuracy

Everytime you see intelligence that is applied by Provision, know that we have tested all features to ensure high quality and integrity.

Battle Tested

We provide intelligence on multi billion dollar P3s and small projects. We ensure that in each scenario your data is safe and high integrity.

Empower your teams to identify and mitigate contractual risk

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