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March 27, 2024

Ben Morse, VP Sales

Ben Morse
VP of Sales

I am super excited to share some big news. I have joined Provision as VP of Sales.This past year has been an exciting and fulfilling journey as a GTM Advisor. I have connected with numerous individuals and teams across various sectors, including both new and familiar faces in technology and the built world. These conversations sparked my curiosity in areas like IoT, robotics, and sustainable materials—all aimed at tackling the built environment's biggest challenges. Every call, coffee, pitch, and presentation has deepened my conviction that positive transformation is ahead, making construction more sustainable, efficient, and resilient!

Of course, my journey coincided with the omnipresence of AI. I had some skepticism surrounding AI's practicality in addressing the nuanced challenges of the construction sector. As I witnessed the industry's digital evolution—from 'I don’t need a smartphone' to 'we need a custom app,' and finally to 'not another app!'—my doubts grew about AI's practical application and broader adoption. However, the prospect of applying AI in pre-construction showcased an immediate time to value that seemed transformative. It also holds the potential to address the greatest challenges for technology in the built world - speed and effectiveness of implementation and standardizing project data.

My initial impressions were reinforced, deepened and elevated when I was introduced to Provision. It wasn't just the promise of an AI-driven solution that captivated me but the vision of the team, Luigi and Brendan. Both demonstrated a profound understanding of construction risks and the potential of AI to revolutionize risk management in construction contracts.

Of course, hearing from Provision's users and clients sealed my decision. The tangible impact of the solution on real-world problems highlighted the difference between merely creating a product and addressing a crucial industry need. Hearing how whole teams pursuing major projects are able to streamline their review and reduce their cost of pursuit is powerful. Seeing how smaller projects can be de-risked with Provision’s risk review tool helps me imagine a world where contractual disputes can be avoided altogether. This real-world application showcases AI's potential to reduce costs but fundamentally change how projects are procured.

If you're involved in pre-construction, risk management, or intrigued by the technological potential of AI in the built environment please reach out to share your experience with AI in construction!

A critical note to end on: behind every AI breakthrough at Provision stands an incredible team of thinkers, innovators, and builders. The team sees a future where AI-driven insights allow us to predict and mitigate risks before they become obstacles, transforming construction sites into models of efficiency and safety. We are just getting started and super excited to learn and collaborate with those passionate about this transformation. Please keep an eye out for opportunities as our team grows!


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